(OLD) GBS 2016 – Day 3

Today, we crossed from Hong Kong into Mainland China.

As soon as we passed through immigration, the differences were prominent. As crowded as Hong Kong was, China’s streets were even more bustling. It seemed like everywhere you looked, there was a new high rise building sprouting. Some stretches of land were rice paddies as far as the eye can see.


When we got to the hospital in Jieyang, we realized how rural and poor the region is. Families gazed at as if we were aliens–considering that our group is very diverse, it’s very likely some Jieyang residents have never seen so many foreigners before. It will be interesting to see how they react to us working on them in the coming week. The work day was quick, consisting of just set-up in preparation for the full slate of children coming in tomorrow. We then trekked to the hotel, which showcased the hectic nature of Chinese traffic

The reality of our journey has finally set in: we are overwhelmed, excited, and ready to start work tomorrow!


Nick Stiansen


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