(OLD) – GBS 2016 – Day 5

Today, we packed up our belongings from the hotel in Jieyang city and started the 5 hour bus ride to Guangzhou. The ride consisted of beautiful Mainland China scenery and surprisingly empty highways. The mountains were vast and pretty incredible. I felt like I had jumped right into the cloudy mountain backdrop of my Macbook desktop wallpaper.


While driving the empty high ways, which also consisted of narrow tunnels through the base of mountains, to Guangzhou, I saw mostly simple Ford, Honda, and Toyata sedans (at least out of the car brands that I recognized). I was shocked to see a peach colored 2016 Ford Mustang in the parking lot of our hotel in Guangzhou. I really like cars by the way.

After dropping off our bags at the hotel, we headed straight to the Hong Kong-Guangzhou Work Injury Rehabilitation Hospital. The hospital was very exciting to tour. We toured the orthotic and prosthetic fabrication center, PT floor, occupational therapy floor, and the Spinal Cord Injury/Surgery unit. The hospital was pretty modern and efficient. One of my fellow colleagues even suggested that the hospital was more accessible and “cleaner” than the Hospital of Pennsylvania, which is located on Penn’s campus.

One of the main Polytechnical University instructors informed me that the hospital was one of the best in the province and was ran by a guy who valued patient care over everything else(specifically money). The “pioneer” of the hospital even provided opportunities for the doctors of the hospital to train overseas. This struck a cord within me because I have aspirations in becoming an exceptional physician. To see how one man’s determination and high level of integrity can manifest itself into a top notch hospital in Mainland China has only strengthen my beliefs in the core values needed to really change the quality of someone’s life. I’m excited to see what new insights we will grapple with tomorrow…


Jonathan Muruako


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