(OLD) GBS 2016 – Day 7

Today we continued the orthotic fabrication.

With the polypropylene added to each mold, our next step was to cut the cooled plastic off in the shape of the intended orthotic. A trim line was drawn across the back of the widest part of the calf, down both sides of the calf, and around the foot of the mold. The shape was then cut out using a power saw.



A sanding machine was used to fine tune the shape of the orthotics. Wetted sandpaper (some groups also used soap) was used to smooth the edges so that the roughed plastic would not cause discomfort for the kids.


The next step was to attach the Velcro straps to the orthotics. To do so, two holes were drilled on the inner calf side of each orthotic, one close to the top and one close to the ankle, where buckles would be placed. A pin and plastic washer were used to sandwich the buckles to the holes, which were then hammered in place.


The fabrication process was complete after wiping the orthotics clean. Additional adjustments, including attaching the Velcro straps, would have to wait until we bring the orthotics to our patients for the fitting.

Our day ended with a group reflection and delicious dinner at a local restaurant.


We are excited for our free day tomorrow to go out and explore Guangzhou.





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