(OLD) GBS 2016 – Day 9

Today was a day of travel, reflection and understanding.

We started off the day by backtracking through the familiar highway that carved through the mountainous terrain of rural China. Once we reached our destination – a return trip to Jieyang – we stopped by the hospital and returned the completed orthotics ready to be fastened tomorrow.

We then drove the remaining hour to return to the hotel in Guangzhou. Since it was pouring rain there, we decided to stay close to the hotel and grabbed some sushi cuisine at a Japanese restaurant nearby. The restaurant featured a carousel bar to grab the sushi and shoeless dining on polished hardwood floors. After we finished our meals we were surprised to find that our formal waitresses spontaneously asked to take selfies and pics with us.


We ended the night with some hotel room bonding over Yatzee and Chinese cake.

A prominent theme on the bus ride home was the amount we’ve taught one another. Conversations buzzed for the 5 hour duration of the trip about topics of upbringing, culture, school, pressures, aspirations and trip expectations. A topic that has been explored on several instances has been the role of culture and our exposure to it. Along with being exposed to the culture here, we have been further enriched by the contribution and aid of members of our own group such as Harvey, Jessica and Rose. Learning about their familys’ experiences and paths as Chinese American citizens has given us a great deal of clarity on the lives of the people we are here to serve. Their stories have also shed light on an authentic look on how the provinces and cities of China operate and interact on a much more global sense.

With fittings tomorrow and only three more days left in China anticipation is at its peak as is our desire to take in as much as we can get from this dynamic country.




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