GBS 2017 – Day 2: I’m the One

The day started off with a walk over to Hong Kong Polytechnic University. We ate breakfast in the University’s cafeteria, which put Houston and Commons to shame. Nowhere in the United States can you get eggs, chicken, and toast for $3.


After eating breakfast, we attended the GBS briefing. It was great meeting our fellow students from Poly U and Wash U. Many of these students have experience in orthotic and prosthetic engineering. The Hong Kong students were also excited to hear about how school and life is like in the United States. The Wash U students were quickly given nicknames (dim sum etc).  The actual lecture itself gave a background to cerebral palsy and the process of making orthotics. Much of this material was already covered in our course.


After the lecture, we went for lunch with in the staff cafeteria. The lunch got off to an interesting start with B2 spilling tea on TKE. This was our first authentic dim sum experience of the trip. The Poly U students ordered a variety of different dishes. The pork buns were particularly good (@rohit), and we had a variety of different dumplings. After lunch, we headed to the lab where the Poly U students demonstrated the orthotic casting process.  We learned how to take proper measurements and obtain a plastic cast. It was important to know the general steps in making the orthotics before our trip to mainland China. The first step was taking the patient’s measurements. The next step was cutting a piece of plastic to fit these marks. The plastic is put in a hot water bath so that it becomes stretchable. It is then placed on the patient’s leg and fit to a cast. This cast will then be trimmed in the lab after returning to Hong Kong. For dinner, a few of us went to Fairwood, which was a fast food/personal entree restaurant. All in all, it was a good day, and we learned many of the skills necessary for our upcoming trip to Zhuhai.



Alex Silva


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