GBS 2017 – Day 3: Mainland Wifi Struggles

Today was the day we headed to Zhuhai to prepare for the measurements of the patients coming from all over China. Taking a ferry to Zhuhai was a very long trip and the rainy weather did not help lighten the mood. Upon arriving in mainland China, Penn’s GBS team checked into the Landscape Hotel. The biggest challenge for the group was finding a way to get wifi and VPNs to work for everyone, with only a couple people *cough* Shyon and Alex *cough* managing to get both to work for them.


The GBS team then went to a local restaurant where Harvey played the biggest role of translating all of our orders. Since this was mainland China, the workers did not understand English and the Cantonese speakers in the group were not helpful. Still, we managed to get by because of the Mandarin speakers in the group. The opinion of the fod varied between people, with all the people ordering dumplings feeling satisfied. The owner had trouble collecting the bill because everyone only had 100 yuan bills.

After lunch, we went to the mall nearby and found some robot contraptions to play with. The highlight of this part was the Walmart inside of the mall with the weirdest assortment of Asian snacks. The GBS team bought the weirdest potato chip flavors and will be eating them later.

Heading back to the mall, everyone was tired as usual but had to come attend a dinner hosted by the benefactors of the GBS program. The dinner was unusually long, spanning almost three hours. The food was very good however, and there was a wide variety of different Chinese dishes.




P.S. Bye Dr. Eke *waves bye bye with virtual hands*


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