GBS 2017 – Day 7: The Quest for Fake Yeezys

Once again it was an early day for the GBS members. We had to be at the lab by 9 AM to finish the orthotic making process. There was a small mutiny within the group as some of the members were tired with the inferior cafeteria food and instead broke off to eat at the far superior hotel breakfast. Once at PolyU we continued the work where we had left off. The remaining orthotics were made by adding the thermoplastic to the positive foot molds. We then cut off the parts of the plastic that would be used for the actual orthotics. Next the rough cut outs that we made were further refined using sanders. After they were the desired shape we then had to polish all the edges so that they would not irritate the skin of the kids when it rubs against their legs and feet. Here is a picture of an orthotic after being sanded down and polished.


After half a day of work we ate lunch with the PolyU and WashU students in the teachers restaurant. After learning that last time our table’s bill was approximately three times more expensive that any other tables, we decided to tone it down and order a more reasonable lunch. We all shared one cup of orange juice. In the afternoon we decided to wander through a few of the different markets in Hong Kong for a cultural experience and some shopping fun. The first market we went to had a myriad of offerings. Some of the best purchases were some nice collared shirts and a pair of anchor capri shorts that were originally thought to be a bathing suit. The second market we went to offered a bunch of electronics and some nice trinkets. Kayla made a new friend with a man from West Africa but sadly she could not give him her number because she doesn’t have service in Hong Kong.


After our day market adventures we went to a local eatery to try out some of Hong Kong’s cuisine. This included some fried oyster and some meat rice pots. Later we went to a night market to begin our quest for fake Yeezys. The consensus was that we wanted the all-black Yeezys but not the ones with the orange stripe because they look stupid. Despite asking many vendors if they knew where the Yeezys were and getting some strange looks, we were unable to locate what we desired most. Instead some of us were forced to settle for fake supreme and Candy Kimvin (Calvin Klein). After an hour of shopping and bargaining we walked away with a lot of knockoffs and chopsticks. Despite our failed attempts at buying Yeezys, we are not deterred and will continue the search.

Jack Bellwoar


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