GBS 2017 – Day 12: “Zhuhai, Baby”

After saving the children of Zhuhai from Cerebral Palsy, I awoke, ready for an exciting day of adventure and exploration in Zhuhai. I was excited because we had only seen the poorer, less touristy parts of Zhuhai, and so I was eager to see what this city had to offer. After a lovely breakfast at the local bao place (my first time eating baos – they’re meat-filled buns), we all boarded the tour bus, and set out to explore Zhuhai. During our time on the bus, a very overzealous tour guide gave us a very biased description of how Zhuhai is the best city that the world has to offer. Only I and a few others found him funny; the rest ignored him in their quests to connect to free WiFi. Our first stop of the day was at the replica of an ancient Chinese palace, which was oddly empty but nonetheless beautiful and peaceful. Afterwards, we traveled to a huge park, and walked along its trails, enjoying the beautiful scenery of its lake and exotic trees.


As we strolled through the park, taking it all in, we discovered ‘Scroll Master Fung’ who was a master in ancient Chinese calligraphy. Many of us were greatly impressed by both his age and skill set, and felt obliged to ask for his services. I personally was very impressed with the purple scroll he crafted for me, saying, “Onward and Upward” in Chinese, which is a very meaningful phrase to me and my fraternity.


Later, after receiving a blessing from Master Fung, he climbed into a very old canoe and disappeared into the horizon. Feeling very uplifted, we then fed a large number of Koi fish in the river, at one with ourselves and nature.


Our next stop on the bus was to the highest point in Zhuhai, a 500 foot mountain. After saying a quick prayer as I boarded a very sketchy ski lift, I and Alex Silva together ascended up this very beautiful and green mountain while singing to joyful lyrics of Quavo. Moments like that remind me of how Alex and I have bonded and became great roommates, and even better friends. After reaching the top of Zhuhai. we were able to see almost of all of Zhuhai. It was beautiful. There was so much of Zhuhai that we had never traveled to during out stay here. Zhuhai wasn’t as depressing as I thought it was. It is a city of vibrant culture, tropical weather, proud people, and unfortunately slow WiFi.


While exploring more of the mountain, Jack, Vishal, and I payed a local vendor to engage in his game of popping balloons with BB guns. After our failed attempt at winning the stuffed animal prize, we soon realized that this conniving vendor was trying to extort us for a few hundred dollars. Confused at the situation and the obvious language barrier, we were saved by the sound negotiation skills of Harvey, who not only was able to convince the man to not have us pay extra money, but also convinced the man to award us small souvenirs. After this overwhelming and confusing experience, we were finally ready to descend the mountain, and the only way to do so was in these very fast, and probably dangerous roller coaster cars. With nothing but wind in my ears and the pollution free air of Zhuhai hitting my face, I zoomed down the mountain at a steady pace of 62 mph. It honestly was such an exhilarating experience, and I would definitely recommend it to others.

After a lovely lunch and great conversation, we then traveled to a beach, to the clam shaped Opera house, and the old house of Sun Yat-Sen, the founder of modern China.

As the day dwindled to a close, we finally retreated to our hotel, gathered together in one room and bonded as a family. In the words of Rohit Shinde, we bonded, “For the boys.”


Barrington Bennett


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