GBS 2017 – Day 14: A Sumptuous Finale


Today marked the bittersweet end of our trip to Hong Kong and Zhuhai. We spent the first part of our day at the Repulse Bay beach, which translates to “Shallow Water Bay”. After losing our footing just seconds into the water, Kayla and I decided that we didn’t really want to find out what Deep Water Bay, which was one beach over, was like. The ocean had several floating platforms, so the group swum out and claimed one for our own. The platform really wasn’t that far off from shore, but by the time we got there, everyone was just about ready for another nap. We lay in the sun, taking in the paradise that surrounded us, simply trying to process how lucky we were to have such an amazing experience. We reminisced about the last two weeks working with the children and other students, and also about how we have all gotten so close after spending all our time together.

No beach day is complete without snacks of course, so we hit up a nearby 7/11 where Rohit got his shu mai, Kayla (finally) got her sour cream and onion chips, and the rest of us loaded up on ice cream and VLTs. We spent a few more hours playing cards and beach volleyball, taking pictures with strangers, and generally just taking a much needed break.


After the beach, we headed back to the Ladies Market for some more fake Yeezys, as well as a couple fake Rolexes to match. The plan was to spend 2 hours at the market, then head straight to dinner, but Kayla and I decided to find our way back to the hotel a little earlier, and had somewhat of an adventure wandering through the streets of Hong Kong trying to find the MTR station with no help of cell service. We eventually made it back, and the rest of the group joined us, Chambrel, and Alex Kee at the hotel to go catch a bus that would take us to dinner.

Our last dinner of the trip was an all you can eat Korean BBQ buffet. Raw meats ranging from lamb chops to ox tongue were lined up alongside several seafood and vegetable options. Each table had a grill in the center, for us to cook the heaping piles of food we all had (except for Eden). The amount of food consumed tonight was impressive, albeit slightly nauseating, seeing as we all had a bit of a difficult time getting to our feet afterwards.

Post-dinner we made some grand plans of hanging out with each other all night given that it would be for last time – this quickly turned into everyone barely making it into their beds before falling asleep. We tried not to think about the fact that we were leaving tomorrow because Kayla almost cried in the elevator, and instead made plans for the future, like how Kayla’s going to run up and hug whoever she sees, and how Vishal and I will actually acknowledge each other after this. For me, this last day was perfect because it really summed up my experiences these past two weeks into a feeling of genuine friendship with some of the most amazing people I have had the privilege of spending so much time with.


Shivani Prakash



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